DIY Canopies

Designed for those who want an Ian’s Campers Built-to-Last Ute Canopy but don’t live nearby.

YES you can get a custom ute canopy from us that you partly install yourself!

Rather than having to visit us twice, to get measured and then coming back and leaving your vehicle for final installation over two days, you only need to visit us ONCE!

The One-Visit Process:

  1. Contact Ian and talk through what your ute canopy needs are.
  2. Ian will step you through the photos of your ute he will need to make your canopy.
    1. A photo at the headboard from adjacent to the driver’s side door.
    2. A photo of your tray from adjacent to your rear numberplate.
  3. Ian will email you a list of the measurement he needs based on your particular tray setup.
  4. Ian will make up your custom hardtop, rear bar (if required) and any additional fittings.
  5. You visit Ian’s Campers to have your hardtop installed and Ian will conduct a special measure of your setup to custom make your canvas canopy.
  6. Ian will make your canvas curtain canopy.
  7. The canopy, loops, buttons, rivets, and required drill bits are freighted to you for final installation.
  8. It will take you approximately 2 hours to complete your custom ute canopy.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Rivet tool
  • Power drill

Can’t visit even once?

If visiting is out of the question due to distance or a pandemic, please contact Ian for options on how you too can have an Ian’s Campers Custom Hard Top Canopy.

This will require a slightly more work on your part but it will be worth it!

Here are the images of happy customers who have taken up the DIY Canopy option:

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